20 Most Common Questions about Placenta Previa

So, after my first big scare (which was also my biggest bleed at 6 weeks) I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what placenta previa was or what to think about it. The first thing the doctor told me in the ER was “…don’t worry about it. These things usually clear up on their own, it will be fine. Just give it sometime.” Needless to say, mine did not clear and I did not enjoy my second pregnancy at all. I was mortified thinking that for so many crazy reasons, I was not going to make it (meaning I didn’t think my baby was going to make it). There are cases where mom, baby or both don’t make it, but it is a very small “small” percentage. Mind you, I’m a very healthy person, super positive, and totally open-minded. I AM so glad I was completely wrong for having those thoughts. On March 8th, 2019 Elena Rose was born Via C-section (vertical incision). I will share more about our journey as the months unfold. For now, if you have concerns, I have compiled the 20 Most common questions about placenta previa from expectant mothers. Many of these questions are things many of us didn’t think to ask until after the fact. Please be aware, many of these questions will not apply to everyone! Everyone has a different health background and different struggles. These questions are not in any particular order or level of importance. Several of these questions would have been helpful to me as I was going through my own p.p. journey. Another word of advice, is whomever your doctor is, please make sure that you feel 100% comfortable with them as they are an important part of your journey. I would encourage you to find out how many cases of previa he’s had or simply see how comfortable he is with your pregnancy. Seems pretty silly to ask, but one of my motto’s in life is “It doesn’t hurt to ask.” Talk to other nurses or get second opinions if you feel it’s necessary. As I have mentioned before, I was so lucky to have had the best doctors in my county. I remember all the people mentioning how great these doctors were and it all gave me a piece of mind. Overall, my pregnancy gave me anxiety, pain, and to be honest I was frightened. Not all cases have happy endings as I saw during my pregnancy. I will forever be grateful for my experience and my healthy baby, but I don’t ever want to go through a placenta previa pregnancy again.

  1. How serious is placenta previa?  
  2. Will I need to see a specialist? 
  3. What are the different outcomes? 
  4. What symptoms can I expect besides unexpected bleeds? 
  5. Will I have to have a C-section and will it be different than a regular C-section?  
  6. Will I have to deliver early? (Why? What are the risks if I do not deliver early?) 
  7. What are the chances of having previa again in subsequent pregnancies?  
  8. Will you work at helping me keep my uterus, if possible?  
  9. What is posterior or anterior placenta previa? (low lying/marginal/completely) 
  10. Will I have any Travel, exercise, restrictions etc.? 
  11. Is the risk of Postpartum depression higher in those with P.P? 
  12. Am I at risk for Accreta? Or a Hysterectomy? 
  13. How often will I need to get ultrasounds for progress (if any)? 
  14. No bleeding this far, what does that mean? 
  15. What are the chances of the placenta moving? (If cleared, can it come back?) 
  16. What are the risks of premature labor, if any? (What can I expect after delivery?)
  17. What is my Cervical length?  
  18. Why is bleeding caused? 
  19. Are orgasms okay without penetration? 
  20. Do you have a support group or is there a platform for expectant mothers? 

My husband, family, eh some mommy friends, and this incredible Facebook group that I’m a part of helped me out so much! I reached out to this Facebook group as often as I needed. I asked so many questions and did some research. Something that aggravated me the most, which I did mention to both of my doctors was that I’d noticed the lack of information, support or knowledge on the topic. They explained that it just simply wasn’t that common. Well! I was tired of the anecdata. I didn’t want to know old statistics or information from Google. I wanted to know facts! Recent facts! When you’re diagnosed with “possible accreta” causing you to “possibly have a hysterectomy”, not knowing these outcomes can be very concerning. Am I right?

***What should I do if I have bleeding? Please refer with a medical professional or your doctor right away!

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