What Makes a Great Father?

“Oh no! I’m in love with this guy. Well, this wasn’t supposed to happen. But he would really make a great father.”

This is what I thought when I’d realized I had fallen in love with my then-boyfriend now-husband. His name is Jonathon. I remember the memory so vividly. Very picturesque in my mind. Kind of like a movie, when someone has a flashback or memory. I love that moment.

After speaking to moms, there are all types of fathers out there. Many have so many things in common (but then again, you also have some parents that are also the complete opposite of a good father). Many great fathers want to instill certain beliefs, values, behavior, and overall teach them to be a good role model. Dads care so much for their children in different ways. Sometimes fathers show their love, care, or affection in a distinct manner. The point is, I have noticed fathers care about stability, a good work ethic and certain life skills taught to their children. I asked my husband what do you think makes a great father honey? He said, “A great father is someone who’s always putting their family first, no matter what. A great father is someone who guides their children to be good-hearted people, and most importantly, have them become productive members of society.

My husband is such a kid at heart. He is humorous, patient, and very loving to our daughters. I knew he would be a great father even before he became a dad. People say, ‘Anyone can be a father. But it takes a special someone to be a dad’. Jonathon is always so playful with the girls. He is also a great teacher. Sure, there are things that we do as parents that aren’t always going to be a good example, but that’s the joy of being a parent. He is so good with his daughter’s details. He acts quick to diaper changes, (wait a minute. Not always!). Sometimes he kind of shocks me when he pays attention and knows certain details. I think that’s kind of funny. I want him to remember the things I tell him, but he remembers our toddler’s favorite show or favorite toy. So awesome! There are however certain things he can’t seem to remember, like dates (but I won’t go into that, ha-ha). My daughter and I sing happy birthday when we’re washing our hands together and he doesn’t do that. He makes it more fun by telling her to make lots of bubbles and completely wash her hands. That’s so cute to me. Hand washing is very important.

A great father is someone who’s always engaged and wants to “want to be there” for his children. A father is always present in their children’s lives, somehow, some way. I’m always grateful for everything in my life. The good, the bad, the ugly. I’m grateful for it all. But there is one thing, I’m most grateful for, it’s my husband. I’m grateful my husband is a great father. He is always attentive to his children’s needs. He always wants the best for our daughters. Anytime we talk about our future, he makes sure to explain what he thinks our girls will be doing in the future. He thinks about all of us in his future, together. I love how he shows that he cares. He is always there for us all, mentally, emotionally, and physically. If I have to be honest, Jonathon is always the one looking up places for us to travel to. He is always the one looking for things for us to do together.

Most recently we attended Enchant Christmas in St. Petersburg, Florida. That place included so many lights, booths, games, food, many different things. It was so much fun. The girls, on the other hand, got exhausted very quickly. Our toddler saw Santa and she about lost it. We weren’t expecting to see Santa walk around there, oops. With our 8-month old, the stroller was not allowed in the area so some things were a bit difficult, but we still had a good time. I will share that we did not get any good pictures. We tried. My husband and I enjoy these moments. We rarely enjoy using our phones to capture these moments, but we know we can record videos or photos for memories. We like to live in the moment and tend to the kids which are more important to us. Sure, snapping photos is no biggy, but if the kids don’t want to have their picture taken, then guess what? You won’t get a good picture.

After Olivia, our first daughter turned 2 years old, I was inspired by both, my husband and daughter to write children’s books. The idea is in process. I’m proud of the man my husband has turned out to be as a father of two girls. I was inspired by him to write about the great characteristics of being a great father. The idea has brought up some interesting conversations. I will agree with people that there is no perfect father, because there isn’t a perfect person. Jonathon is perfect being imperfect. For now, I’m going to enjoy every waking moment with both my daughters and their daddy

Overall, I think a great father is someone who shows his love and takes care of their children’s wants and their needs. A great father may not be all of the above to his children. In fact, he may teach his children something completely different. He may teach their children that there is nothing more important in the world than their belief in something else. It doesn’t matter what that belief is, as long as they stand for something. I’m just lucky my girls have made us their parents because we all love each other. I would love to hear your thoughts. My writing is just my opinion. It doesn’t mean it’s right. If you’ve read this far, I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think makes a great father to their children?

Jonathon & baby Elena

2 thoughts on “What Makes a Great Father?

  1. I have two boys so it’s important to me that they see their dad treating me with respect and helping out around the house. I am fortunate that my husband does all of this. He also shows them responsibility, good work ethic, and patience. It sounds like you have a great dad for your kids also!

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