Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Gloria Mondragon. I created “All Things Maternal”, because of my personal experience. At 6 weeks of pregnancy I had my first bleed. I looked for support and moms going through similar situations, but I noticed there weren’t many options. Therefore, I created this idea to help & connect with other moms dealing with placenta previa, so Welcome! The end result after a long and very scary situation, a beautiful & healthy baby girl. My family & I recently relocated from Texas to Florida. I married my best friend and we currently have two incredible little girls together. My favorite title is “Mom”. My daughter actually says, “Momma”, I love it and I don’t ever want to be demoted to just “mom” hee-hee. I help expecting mothers during their first year of pregnancy even if they’ve had a child before. I advocate and bring awareness to this condition, Placenta Previa. I’m a mother-mentor by helping many moms on how to deal with this condition during their pregnancy journey. I’m a multi-passionate mom with experience in education, writing, acting, and advocacy. Take a look around & reach out to me if you have any questions. Thanks again and I look forward to connecting with you! Join me along with other moms in All Things Maternal Facebook page & Group.